How to determine the authenticity of investment coins

How to determine the authenticity of investment coins? Such a question concerns everyone who plans to buy a cash sign, especially if doing it for the first time. Indeed, how will you be convinced that you have the original in front of you, and not a high-quality copy? Let's deal with this issue below. We will tell you how to easily and quickly calculate fake investment coins.

Close inspection and hand tools

Each cash sign has its own weight, diameter and thickness. These parameters are invariably specified in all descriptions, and they are guided first.

How do I check the basic characteristics of a cash sign myself? All that is required is the exact scales, calipers, a catalog with detailed characteristics of banknotes and their photos. The obtained parameters should be identical to those specified in the description. If the weight corresponds to the declared one, and the thickness and diameter are less than the declared ones, then budget metal was used in production.

A tool that will help you consider a cash sign, determine its authenticity - a magnifying glass. To conduct such an analysis, you will need to find a detailed description, indicating all the drawn elements, as well as a photo with magnification. You need to select verified sources and better compare information from several.

How often you can find fakes

Investment coins are forged, but they do not do so too often. Any copy is easy to distinguish using special methods. At the same time, this can be done not only by a professional, but also by a person far from conducting such tests.

It is difficult to create a fake that is not inferior to the original. However, there are several products on the market that are counterfeited most often. One of these is Krugerrand. Tungsten is used for the production of copies. This material is similar to gold, but inferior in price. Such metal is not detected by surface control devices. However, tungsten has several features that can give it away. Unlike gold, it is too fragile, and products from it do not ring. Spectral analysis devices detect such copies immediately. They show impurities in the alloy composition. Due to the fragility of tungsten, it is almost impossible to achieve high quality. Coins are made by casting, not minting, which affects the quality. Distinguishing a fake is generally easy.

Coins of numismatic value are often forged. This is due to the fact that the value of such a cash sign is higher than the value of gold on the exchange. The best way to purchase quality investment coins is to choose a safe place to buy. In our online store you will find exclusively original products, with detailed characteristics, photos. It will take minutes to buy them. For members of our club there are special prices. If necessary, you can request additional information about coins and documents confirming their authenticity from our managers. Experts will answer all questions of interest. Email us or via the contact form on the site.

Quality guarantee from Kalita.Gold

We cooperate with coin houses and guarantee the authenticity of the coins presented. Before going on sale, the products are tested by a spectral device. It measures electrical conductivity and also performs spectral analysis. With its help, you can accurately verify that we have a genuine product. Thanks to this method, as well as the experience of Kalita.Gold experts, you will be confident in the purchase.

All copies have special packaging that ensures their safety, protects against the effects of adverse factors. Its integrity is one of the prerequisites for the further implementation of the cash mark. We add that we can sell the investment coin. We not only sell, but also buy banknotes after checking their quality.