We sell only genuine coins and bars.

We cooperate with many mints around the world and get gold, silver and platinum coins and bars directly from the manufacturers.

All coins and bars bought in our office undergo a multistage check – visual inspection, weighing and diameter and thickness measuring, spectrometer and eddy-current tester control.

Collectible (commemorative) gold, silver and platinum coins most often have their certificates of authenticity, come in capsules and gift cases (boxes). A certificate usually contains the following information:

  • name/description of a coin;
  • the precious metal the coin is made from;
  • the precious metal assay (percentage of precious metal in the alloy);
  • total weight of the coin;
  • weight of pure precious metal in the coin;
  • mintage of the coin.

Sometimes they may have a unique number (if the coin is numbered), information about the customer or the manufacturer of the coin, the mint top manager (minzmeister) signature, and other data.

Investment coins are sold either in capsules / plastic pockets or in tubes – cylindrical plastic containers with a lid that can hold 10 to 25 coins.

Gold, silver and platinum bars have a unique number and a certificate of authenticity. Bars of smaller weights (up to 100 g) are often supplied in a blister pack, which is also a certificate.