Platinum investment coins

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    Investment coins are products made of precious metals (silver, gold, platinum), which are produced in large circulation. For this reason, they do not carry significant collectible value, unlike ancient or memorable ones. But they are a simple and successful investment in precious metals.

    Investment coins always look "elegant" — they are decorated with emblems, symbols of countries, profiles of monarchs. The quality of the coinage is high — Uncirculated or Proof. Their face value is conditional and does not correspond to the real price — the cost of the product is estimated by weight and metal sample. There are a number of characteristic features of these monetary units:

    • issued by the central bank or the state mint of the country;
    • have a nominal value that does not correspond to the real value;
    • can be made in non-standard dimensions and shapes.

    Since banknotes for investments are made of high-grade precious metals, they must be carefully stored — soft metal can easily be damaged. The slightest abrasion or scratch can significantly reduce the cost of the product.

    You can buy investment coins from Canada, Great Britain, China and other countries in the Kalita. Gold online store. We sell exclusively original monetary units, the authenticity of which is confirmed by certificates. Any item from the catalog can be ordered online with safe and fast delivery to your address. Goods are offered at a market price, without unreasonable overstatement. For members of the Club — discounts.